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Meet The Founders: Partners in Wine

Meet The Founders: Partners in Wine

Welcome to the Sippin community. We cannot express enough our gratitude for your support and enthusiasm for “Sippin On Somethin’”. As we embrace the intention to make new friends and build a genuine community here, let us start by telling you a little bit about ourselves!

Aubrey Paige Petcosky | CEO & Co-Founder 

Turning my passion for wine and life into an experience that can be shared with others

From a very early age, I was inspired by culture and travel. I have lived in six cities and traveled the world thanks to my modeling days. It was through those experiences, along with years of bartending and mixology, that I began to learn about wine and see the depths of its value. Experiencing firsthand the power of a “sip,” but also the artistry behind a beverage that is often overlooked. When I found wine, it felt like an “ah-ha” moment. I liked the way that it slowed life down and was all about balance, flow, and appreciating the nuances of life rather than partying/getting drunk – although we like that too from time to time 😉. Eventually I went on to become a certified sommelier.

It was during the COVID-19 quarantine where truly the inspiration, whether I even realized it or not, for the Sippin on Somethin’ card game began. It was during this time that I took a serious step back from modeling and social media, reflecting on the important things in life. To me the most important thing in my life has always been my people. At the end of the day, this life is full of ups, downs, and unexpected challenges, which is why valuing genuine connections, raw moments, and memorable experiences is so important.

When I met my business partner and now dear friend Tim, who at the time was a total stranger seated next to me on a flight, it was wine that brought us together. Somewhere between the sips and the authentic conversation, once again an “ah-ha” moment occurred. Seeing how a simple conversation about wine could connect two people from different worlds, we knew that we had to find a way to share that magic with others. Thus, Sippin On Somethin’ was born!

Here at Sippin on Somethin’, we prioritize fostering relationships and building a community that welcomes all walks of life - Cheers to joining the Sippin party!


Tim Capria | COO & Co-Founder

Combining brand building experience, a love for wine, and a knack for wit with a gaming hobby

Hey lil’ sippers!

From a Duke Law grad to a world-leading trademark attorney, I built my career over the course of 10+ years (we stop counting now) and achieved the “brass ring” of equity partnership of a large law firm. Growing up in a household and extended family that cherished board games, I always had an affinity for gaming that perfectly paired with my competitive spirit (probably explaining my Elle Woods law school experience). My fascination with wine began during a business trip to Napa, sparking the much-later realization that I could merge my love for wine, games, and brands into an innovative venture.

A chance encounter on a flight from Nashville to Miami, where I was en route to a work conference, introduced me to Aubrey. In what could only be described as a stroke of serendipity or perhaps the stars aligning, we struck up a conversation about our life stories and mutual appreciation for wine. By the time we landed, we were determined to encapsulate our newfound connection, zest for life, and passion for wine into a game to bring the magic of our chance encounter to others. Thus, the concept of Sippin on Somethin’ and a new friendship were conceived somewhere in or around MIA.

I love Sippin on Somethin’ because it gives me the opportunity to combine my passions and leverage my considerable expertise in branding and business development. In the little “free” time that I have, I enjoy spending time with my husband (who also enjoys wine, obviously), tending to our 19th-century farmhouse, or enjoying a glass of wine. 



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